Video Conference Interpretation

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Video Conference Interpretation. The host assigns who the interpreters will be. Attendees select an audio channel to listen to in their language. More than 25 languages.

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In the current market conditions during the pandemic and the future trend where digital and remote culture will prevail, video calls and video conferences would be imposed as an excellent opportunity to enable business activities continuity.

At LingoCall we offer interpreted video calls and video conferences where users can listen to the contents in their desired language thanks to the participation of professional interpreters in the meeting. The interpretation can be consecutive or simultaneous.

This also allows you to comply with the conditions of social and physical isolation imposed for the management of the current pandemic (Covid-19) and also achieve the continuity of your business while dramatically reducing the logistical costs of organizing events by not having to incur in travel costs, accommodation, conference rooms or events, rental of simultaneous interpretation equipment and other expenses associated with face-to-face events such as food for attendees.

Contact us right now, we have a network of over 550 professional interpreters covering over 25 languages.

We are able to design, operate and coordinate your massive event or your business meeting in a totally digital way.

WhatsApp +506-8398-5032