Tamil <> English interpretation and translation services

We offer remote and face-to-face translation and interpretation services in the combinations of Tamil <> English with native interpreters / translators. As well as translated subtitles, dubbing, transcription.

Tamil is one of the twenty-six Dravidian languages indigenous to the Indian subcontinent. It is ranked among the world’s oldest classical languages. Numerous linguists including Bhadriraju Krishnamurti claim that Tamil originated from the Proto-Dravidian that was used in the places near the lower river Godavari basin in Peninsula India during the 3rd millennium BCE. Legend has it that the Hindu God Lord Shiva created the language while Sage Agastya and Murugan (Tamil God) brought it to the people.

Countries Where Tamil Is Spoken: India, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Sri Lanka, Singapore.

Other Places Where Tamil Is Spoken

Tamil is also spoken by the descendants of Tamil immigrants who are living in various parts of the world including South America, Caribbean, North America, Europe, Mauritius, and Malaysia. The Sri Lankan Moors are also Tamil native speakers. Tamil is used in school in Malaysia together with Mandarin, Malay, and English.