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Video translation (dubbing), subtitling, digital platform translation, localization.

Video translation (dubbing), subtitling, digital platform translation, localization.

Specialized translation for medical devices and clinical equipment industry is critical to the quality assurance and risk mitigation throughout the entire value chain. This includes professional translation, localization, dubbing and/or subtitling of all materials, documents, standard operating procedures, manuals and instructions for use, advertising material, terms and conditions, etc.

This type of translation must be certified by official sworn translators specialized in the terminology and is done by working as a team with the customer’s engineers and plant, sales and training personnel, to ensure the adaptation of the terminology not only to the culture of the site production but also to the culture and jargon of the markets where the medical device is going to be marketed.

This industry is highly regulated given that it affects the quality of life and the life itself of patients, which is why hiring specialized language service agencies is strategic and crucial for the continuity of the brand’s reputation.

Our experience and clients of free zones of the medical device cluster in Costa Rica support our quality, agile management and compliance with confidentiality regulations and the industry’s own protocols.

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We work as a team with your engineering and quality assurance departments to ensure the reliability and adaptation of translations according to the culture and jargon of your business and processes.

We comply with strict confidentiality standards and codes of ethics for the translation service.

  • Certified translators
  • Double validation
  • Traceability
  • Reliability

Consumers now prefer to consume content whenever they want, from wherever they want, in their language, immediately and through platforms that allow them interact to get additional information, buy or comment.

For example, a video with Closed Caption in several languages ​​remains on the network forever, subtitling content is indexed by internet search engines (e.g. Google) and, users can watch and understand the message without activating the audio. In fact, a captioned video-based promotion is one of the most impactful and far-reaching marketing tools today, achieving brand positioning goals at a really low cost compared to traditional media promotion.

At LingoCall we offer professional linguistic services of Remote Interpretation, Translation, Subtitling, Localization and Transcription, in more than 25 languages. We combine our services to create strategies to facilitate your brand internationalization.
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Get disruptive time and money savings while reducing the risk in your multicultural and multilingual communications.

Does your company have the ability to communicate globally?

We adapt your brand message to the culture and language of your strategic target regions.

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When going global with your brand you must have in count that Only 20% of the world’s population communicates in English.

On the other hand, effective and assertive communication allows interaction and business.

Therefore, if you want to Go Global, you must Speak Local.

Go Global. Speak Local

We adapt your contents to the culture of each region.

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