Translation and interpretation services Polish Spanish.

Video translation (dubbing), subtitling, digital platform translation, localization.

Video translation (dubbing), subtitling, digital platform translation, localization.

We produce and manage your multilingual events on a collaborative platform including professional human interpretation in more than 25 languages.

It includes online pre-registration, screen sharing, internal chat, real-time surveys, questions and answers, recording video of the event in each language, and post-event analytics report.

Overcoming language and cultural barriers is a critical factor in increasing the competitiveness of our countries. Your native language should not limit your opportunities for personal growth and business expansion, in fact, having a strategic provider of language services should be part of every company’s business expansion strategy.

We can help you!

Focus on what you know how to do well, thinking and speaking in your language, that our professional interpreters (verbal translators) take care of languages.

We produce and manage your multilingual virtual events, for business meetings, consultancies, forums, discussions.

Up to 300 participants with access to simultaneous interpretation (Verbal translation in your virtual meetings)

Participants listen to the lectures in their language.

Webinars of up to 10,000 participants.
Streaming available

We provide document and content translation services and remote simultaneous interpretation on video conferencing in Catalan – Spanish – English language combinations.

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We provide remote and face-to-face professional language services in the Persian-Farsi-Iranian – Spanish language combinations.

  • Videoconferencing remote interpretation for your meetings or webinars, including recording the meeting, live streaming, the interpreters and the video conferencing platform, that is, we produce your event in a secure, confidential and encrypted way and at a reasonable price.
  • Content translation.
  • Software localization and digital platforms.
  • Video subtitling.
  • Transcription.
  • Proofreading

Multilingual Interpretation during Digital Meetings and Webinars by LingoCall

Users that would like to include interpreters in their meetings or webinars now have the ability to enable language interpretation. We designate participants as interpreters during a video conference session.

Contact us now, we can design, manage and operate your multilingual event in more than 25 languages.

Human powered remote simultaneous interpretation.
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Video Remote Interpretation – Remote Interpretation – Video Conference Interpretation – On Line Interpreting – On Line Interpreters

Get disruptive time and money savings while reducing the risk in your multicultural and multilingual communications.

Does your company have the ability to communicate globally?

We adapt your brand message to the culture and language of your strategic target regions.

Remote human powered language services (+20 languages)

Interpretation | Translation | Localization | Transcription | Subtitling

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Remote Interpretation
On Line Interpreters

When going global with your brand you must have in count that Only 20% of the world’s population communicates in English.

On the other hand, effective and assertive communication allows interaction and business.

Therefore, if you want to Go Global, you must Speak Local.

Go Global. Speak Local

We adapt your contents to the culture of each region.

We provide professional language services:

Interpretation » Translation » Localization » Subtitling » Transcription

Simultaneous Interpretation Services (Interpreters and Devices) for Events, Meetings and Tours in Miami and Florida State, serving more than 25 languages.

Our prices are so competitive. We are a very good option for competitive near shore services, we could reduce your costs while offering a high quality world class service.

We invite you to quote a simultaneous interpretation service to test our price levels.